One of the more complex tasks often assigned to a Digital Forensics team is the execution of an Anton Piller order.  These require solid planning and preparation prior to execution in order to achieve a sound understanding of the mandate of the court, the parameters for executing the order - and of course to ensure that the right tools and equipment are available when the execution takes place. 

Notorious for their complexity and cost, an Anton Piller order is used as an ex-parte motion before the court to acquire exhibits. These often take the form of hard drives, usb devices, laptops etc. - and that's where we come in. Our team is able to deploy to site with a field acquisition protocol to ensure that we garner the maximum data permitted by the court and follow the appropriate chain of custody throughout the process. This is absoloutely key in these projects. Failiure to adhere to the correct chain of custody protocols can see excellent evidence restricted from the court because it wasn't acquired properly. 

Our acquisition team members are trained to understand the forensic protocols we follow as best practice and are supported by a field adminsitrator to ensure that the paperwork is meticulous in all respects. 

We are of course also available to assist with guidance in the preparation of an order to ensure that all eventualities including cloud acquisitions are covered.